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4 Signs You Have a Quality Roofing Installation

A quality roofing installation is important when it comes to protecting your home. But how do you know that the roofing contractor did a good job? Read on to learn the signs of a sound roofing installation.

How To Tell A Good Roof Installation From A Bad One

Your roof is one of the most critical aspects of your home. In fact, your roof is vital to protecting your home from various external elements. But how do you know that your roofer did a quality roofing installation? Here are four signs to pay attention to.

Your Roof Has Drip Edge Flashing

Drip edge flashing is a metal piece that is supposed to be installed at every edge of your roof under the roofing materials. Drip edge flashing is critical because it prevents water damage to your home by regulating the flow of water from the fascia.

But that’s not all. Drip edge flashing also protects against pest infestations in the attic. Unfortunately, many homeowners won’t be able to tell whether a roofer has installed this material until a problem occurs.

However, if your roof is made from shingles, you can look at the gables and eaves to identify the flashings.

Your Roof Appears Even and Uniform

While many homeowners may not pay attention to their roofs, a quality roof will appear even and uniform.

Any sign of an uneven appearance indicates that the roof was poorly constructed. With that said, pay attention to whether your roof appears as if it’s sagging. Another thing to pay attention to is whether your asphalt shingles look different in color.

It’s also important to note that any roof should be done using the same materials. If you’ve found that your roof installation was done using different materials, then this is a sign of a problem.

Quality Underlayment Was Used

Another thing that homeowners should pay attention to is underlayment. It’s important to note that the quality of the underlayment can only be seen when the roof is being installed.

With that said, if you find that the roofing company isn’t utilizing underlayment for your roofing installation, you shouldn’t choose to proceed further. Any quality roofer will place underlayment between the sheathe and the shingles for quality roofing construction.

This is because underlayment acts as an essential barrier, which helps your home combat moisture and water leaks. Ultimately, the underlayment will keep your roof dry during the construction process and protect any wood elements on the roof.

It’s important to note that underlayment should be high strength and made with synthetic materials. This type of material is much stronger than using felt-paper underlayments, offering better results for your roof.

They’ve Gathered All Debris

Another sign that a roofing company did a quality job is if the company gathered all debris that was created during construction. While this may not initially seem directly correlated to the quality of their work, leaving debris behind could be a bad sign.

Any quality roofing contractor will leave your home the way they found it once the roofing project is complete. Ultimately, they will gather and dispose of all materials to ensure that your roof is left clean.

A roofing contractor that leaves debris behind does not show good craftsmanship. As a result, it’s possible that they might have cut corners in the process.

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