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Preventive Maintenance Minimizes Roof Problems

Have you considered doing a check of your roof before issues become problems? Neglecting minor matters often leads to more significant problems, while preventative maintenance helps avoid roofing failures, especially in the wind and rain of Florida. It is a recommendation that you have roof inspections twice a year. Residential and commercial buildings will all benefit from preventive actions.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

You want to have your roofing last as long as possible. Keeping maintenance records and any repairs will help you stay updated on inspections and preventive maintenance.

What can property managers and building maintenance do?

Gutters, scuppers, downspouts, and drains can be cleaned of leaves, dirt, and trash. This will make drainage easier as the rain falls.

What about metal components?

Flashings, expansion joints, and pitch pockets should be in good working condition. Repair any sealants that have deteriorated. Rust should be repainted if found.

Is there equipment on the roof?

If you have antennas, satellite dishes, air conditioners, solar panels, and pool heaters on your roof, it is wise to keep them in good condition; check the roof after any repairs have been made. Damage may happen while the service was being done, and you want to know about it as soon as possible.

Is it time to repair coatings?

Sometimes spilled liquids, such as coolants, grease, and oils cause damage to roofing. They may need to be repaired to minimize damage.

Are there people traffic on the roof?

Authorized people only should be up there. Areas that see the most traffic can have walkway pads.

Are there components that rise above the roof?

It is wise to check around these areas as they might be avenues for water to seep in. Some things that may be inspected are the following:

  • Deteriorated mortar
  • Sealant joints
  • Broken and missing masonry
  • Concrete around the stair towers
  • Parapet walls

Be sure that a qualified contractor does repairs

We can answer your questions and are experienced in installation, repair, and preventive maintenance. Our services can fit your budget and needs.

With hurricane season officially here, it is essential to do preventative maintenance. If you haven’t checked your roofing lately, now may be the time. Whether your roofing is tile or metal, or other material, maintenance will keep it energy efficient and in the best shape when heavy weather comes to Florida.