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Insurance Claims for Roof Damage in Florida

Confused how insurance claims for roof damage works? Learn more about the types of roof damage that your insurance policy covers.

Every Florida home needs a structurally sound roof to protect it and its inhabitants from the elements. However, homes with severe roof leaks or storm damage requiring roof replacement or extensive repairs may need to file insurance claims for roof damage to help cover the cost. Before contacting our roofing contractors, consult the following guide […]

Storming The Weather: Roof Storm Damage Checklist

Storming The Weather Roof Storm Damage Checklist

Storms happen throughout the country. Some aren’t so bad, but every so often, a home can get hit with a bad storm. Depending on where you are, you could experience anything, from a full-blown hurricane to a hailstorm. In Florida, you can deal with hurricanes, hailstorms, severe summer thunderstorms, winter fronts, and your roof absorbs […]

Best Practices To Prevent Roof Damage


Roof leaks can be expensive to repair, but the good news is that they are preventable. It is easy to forget about your roof once it is installed, but they still require maintenance even when they are made of durable materials. With maintenance, small problems can be easily spotted. On your part, you can follow […]

4 Common Causes Of Leaking Roofs


Roof leaks are a stressful problem. When left unresolved, it can spiral into costly damage that can affect your home, budget, and health. There are several reasons your roof leaks. One thing is for sure, though: they need immediate and professional attention. 1. Damaged or Punctured Roof If trees surround your house, your roof will […]