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Insurance Claims for Roof Damage in Florida

Every Florida home needs a structurally sound roof to protect it and its inhabitants from the elements. However, homes with severe roof leaks or storm damage requiring roof replacement or extensive repairs may need to file insurance claims for roof damage to help cover the cost. Before contacting our roofing contractors, consult the following guide to learn how to file an insurance claim for roofing services.

How Insurance Claims Work

Homeowner’s insurance is essential for covering the cost of unexpected losses. If your roof has extensive damage due to no fault of your own such as a storm, you can file an insurance claim by following these steps:

  • Assess the damage. After a storm, assess the damage to your entire house, not just the roof, to inform the insurance company.
  • Review your insurance policy. Ensure that your policy provides coverage for your home’s roof damage.
  • Contact your insurance agency. When you file insurance claims, the agency will send an insurance adjuster to inspect the property and its damage.

Insurance claims for roof damage tend to be time-consuming and confusing for many homeowners. However, working with a reputable roofing company with experience handling claims can simplify the process, thanks to their expert opinions.

For instance, roofers can conduct thorough inspections to assess your roof damage accurately. In some cases, they will meet with the insurance adjuster on your behalf and provide the necessary documentation that backs up the extent of the roof damage. With a roofing company’s help, your roofing claims process can be smoother, quicker, and less stressful.

Types of Roof Damages Homeowner’s Insurance Covers

Many homeowners assume that insurance covers all roof damage, but that’s inaccurate. Your coverage will depend on your policy’s terms. However, most homeowner’s insurance companies will cover accidental or unexpected problems, including damage from:

  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Storm damage

Due to increased insurance claims for storm damage, many insurers have varying wind and hail damage coverage levels. For instance, your policy might include roof replacement costs if your existing roof is new and in good condition. However, your policy may state that you can only qualify for actual cash value coverage if your roof is too old for replacement value coverage.

Your insurance company will also deny claims due to a lack of maintenance, earthquakes, or floods.

Factors That Could Affect Your Insurance Claim

Insurance agencies are for-profit companies, so they will deny or underpay claims if possible. They might deny a claim if a homeowner files one every year or two. Your insurance deductible will also affect your claim approval if the roof repair amount is less than your out-of-pocket expenses.

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