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Frequent Skylight Issues And How To Avoid Them

A skylight is a neat feature for any Florida home, letting in natural light during the day and offering spectacular views of the stars at night. Unfortunately, outdated or poorly installed skylights can risk roofing problems. Below, we cover some common issues with skylights in Florida and how you can prevent them.   

1. Flashing Leaks

Flashing refers to the weatherproof section between the window assembly and the roofing material. Water-resistant skylights need these flashings to keep the rain out and prevent water damage. However, flashing leaks are all-too-common.

If your skylight flashing is not air-tight, it can allow water to seep into your home. It can also lead to long-term structural damage as the water soaks into the house’s frame. A flashing leak may occur for various reasons, including:

  • Poor installation
  • Cheap materials
  • Excessive wear and tear

2. Glass Cracks

Another typical issue with skylights in Florida involves the skylight glass cracking. Laminated glass or tempered glass skylights are more aesthetically pleasing than plastic ones, but they are more susceptible to cracks. These cracks may go unnoticed for a very long time.

Glass cracks present the same concerns as flashing leaks. They can lead to water leakage and a long list of costly repairs. What might cause your skylight’s glass to crack?

  • Severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes and hailstorms
  • Fallen debris, such as tree limbs and roofing tiles
  • High indoor humidity, especially for bathroom skylights

3. Mechanical Failures

Some skylights are simply glass or plastic panels installed into your roof. However, many skylights include levers and gears enabling them to open and close. For these high-tech installations, mechanical failures are a familiar concern.

Mechanical malfunctions refer to any problem that prevents your skylight from operating correctly. This issue could be the result of constant or improper use. It could also come from corroded mechanisms or natural wear and tear over time. Whatever the root cause, mechanical failures can ruin your skylight’s functionality and lead to water and ultraviolet light damage.

How To Prevent Skylight Issues in Florida

When it comes to fixing these common issues with skylights in Florida, your best bet is to call a trusted company like E-Z Roofing Contractor. You’ll need a team of experienced professionals to identify the specific problem and apply the right solution.

That said, you can do a few things to keep your skylight in great shape throughout the year. Some practical tips include:

  • Performing regular maintenance: We recommend getting advice or help from a professional window cleaner. Certain cleaning products might work well for windows, but they can damage your skylight.
  • Installing the skylight properly: Hire a reliable, top-rated company to ensure a professional installation job. Expert installers will follow all the installation instructions without cutting corners and sacrificing your skylight’s longevity.

Top-Rated Services for Skylights Near Me

Are you searching for “skylights near me”? At E-Z Roofing Contractor, we have experience identifying and fixing a wide range of issues with skylights in Florida. Call us anytime at (888) 917-6637 to discuss your service options.