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What Is a Drip Edge and Why Is It Important for Florida Homes?

Florida homeowners investing in a new roof or extensively renovating an existing roof might have heard mention of “drip edge.” What are these, and why are they an essential component of Florida roofs? In short, drip edges extend the life of your roof and protect your foundations.

Read on to learn why you need a drip edge on your Florida home.

A Drip Edge Explained

What does a drip edge mean for Florida homes? At the most basic level, this nifty piece of home construction is simply a thin strip of metal. However, it boasts certain features that help it protect your roof and home.

They are typically made of three materials: aluminum, galvanized steel, or copper. Which you choose depends on what’s available in your area and for your budget—copper being the most expensive.

The metal is formed into sheets with one of four “profiles:”

  • Type C is L-shaped to 90 degrees
  • Type D is T-shaped
  • Type F (also called a gutter apron) is similar to Type C but has an extended leading edge

The drip edge is designed to divert water from the guttering away from your roof and foundation. It also has other protective functions, such as keeping pests out.

Why You Need a Drip Edge in Florida

Drip edge roofing is far more effective at protecting your home than standard guttering. This sturdy roofing product keeps out water and pests!

Extend the Life of Your Roof

The purpose of a drip edge is to stop water from collecting inside your roofing. Water infiltration wears your roof down over time due to rot and mold. Adding a drip edge ensures your roof stays dry, extending its life.

Also, diverting water from the edge of your property will protect your foundations and keep your basement dry—even in heavy rains.

Stops Pests

Drip edges extend around the edge of your roof, covering the fascia board and roof deck. This “carpenter’s gap” is perfect for critters like rodents or insects to create nests or enter your home via your attic. By installing a drip edge, you block the entrance to this gap.

Secures Your Roof Against High Winds

Florida ranks number one in the country for the most hurricanes yearly. This means homes need extra protection against high winds. And good Florida roofers know that drip edges offer this protection.

A drip edge stabilizes the roof underlayment, stabilizing your entire roof. It also stops the high winds from driving rain further inside your roof system.

Install a Drip Edge on Your Florida Property Today

A drip edge is a requirement in most states and a highly recommended addition to your guttering system. That’s because it protects your home and roof from damaging water infiltration and keeps pests out.

Isn’t it incredible that such a seemingly simple addition has so many benefits?

If you’re considering a new roof, contact our licensed roof team. EZ Roofing has been serving Florida homeowners since 2001, so we know precisely what Florida homes need regarding roofing products.