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Factors To Consider When Selecting The Right Roofing Material For Your Property

The time is finally here, and your property’s top can’t stop shouting at how much it is in dire need of a new roof. You head into your favorite store to inquire about current roofing materials, and you walk out even more confused. There’s a wide array of roofing materials to choose from, ranging from metal, asphalt, wood shakes, and even more modern varieties like asphalt-fiber glass and plastic composite. But what’s the best pick for you? It finally dawns on you that there are multiple other factors to consider than just aesthetics. We have compiled tips and factors that you may need to know when selecting the right roofing materials for your property.


Roofs play an instrumental role in protecting you and your belongings from harsh climatic conditions such as storms, strong winds, the sun’s heat, cold weather, and snow. We understand how weather changes in Florida throughout the year, and surviving in the absence of a roof is out of the question. You might want to go for something hardy and strong enough to withstand what Mother Nature has in store for you.

Your budget

Like everything nice in life, a roof comes at a cost. There are numerous alternatives, each with a different cost to suit your pockets. The cost of a new roof ranges anywhere from relatively affordable to unbelievably expensive. What budget do you have planned for your new roofing system? On average, asphalt shingles are considered one of the most affordable at the cost of about $125 per 100 square feet while metal roofs lie on the upper side, with a tag price of about $500 to $1100 per 100 square ft. You might want to dig a little deeper into these costs, compare price lists from a different store, and choose one that fits your budget. Remember, expensive isn’t always quality and cheap isn’t always the best choice.


You can’t picture stressing over roofing materials any time soon after this project, right? We understand your current state of confusion. If you intend not to think about roofing materials in the near future, you might want to choose a roof that will last for decades. Roofing materials such as copper and steel will serve you for more than forty years with proper maintenance and timely repairs. As expected, you will cough up a little more money compared to a roofing material with half the lifespan of a metal roofing. Nonetheless, the durability of various roofing materials should play a significant role in your decision making.

Pitch and slopes

How do you want your roof’s slope? Your choice of roofing style and slant could eliminate the use of certain roofing materials. A professional roofing contractor will guide you through the best roofing materials for your roof pitch. Experts recommend using roofing tiles and shingles for steeper roof slopes while sprayed polyurethane foam and built-up tar and gravel are best preferred on flat-pitched roofs. Expert advice on this section is highly recommended.

Energy efficiency

Unknown to most property owners, your choice of roofing material plays a major role in enhancing or decreasing your home’s energy efficiency. For instance, properly installed metal roofs and asphalt shingles reduce the sun’s effect on your attic. This condition created by the roof goes a long way into ensuring that your HVAC doesn’t work hard to cool down your home. Eventually, you will enjoy reduced energy consumption and save money on energy bills.