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Roof Replacement: 8 Signs That Say It’s Time To Reroof

When Should a Roof Be Replaced?

It’s difficult to tell whether you need a new roof just by looking at it. Sometimes a roof’s damage can be located in a place that can’t be seen by a homeowner looking at it from the ground. Also, some types of damage may be hidden beneath the shingles of a roof. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs of roof damage that can alert you to the fact that you need a new roof. Discover some of those telltale signs.

1. Missing Shingles

One of the most visible signs of damage on a roof is missing shingles. If you noticed a few shingles missing after a recent heavy Florida thunderstorm, then the loss is explainable. However, if you see shingles falling off on a regular basis and leaving bald spots behind, there’s a good chance that the shingles on your roof are just wearing out due to age. If this is the situation, it makes more sense financially to get a new roof as opposed to continually replacing missing shingles.

2. The Presence of Algae on the Shingles

The humid weather in Florida combined with the rainy days can lead to algae growth on a lot of things including roof shingles. Algae shows up as a light green and sometimes red growth spreading across a shingle. When one shingle develops algae, it has the potential to spread to other shingles which weakens your roof over time. Both wooden and asphalt shingles are vulnerable to algae growth. So, if you see algae on your shingles it’s best to look into getting a new roof that’s more resistant to the algae brought on by the Florida climate.

3. Holes in the Shingles

Now here is a very visible sign of damage to your roof’s shingles. Maybe you’re looking for an item in your attic one day and you notice dots of sunlight shining through the ceiling. These holes are a result of damage to the roof’s flashing. Furthermore, when sunlight can get through your shingles it means that water can get through as well. It doesn’t take long for water to damage the rest of your roof as well as the area underneath it. A new roof will not only correct the problem, but it will also give a professional roofing contractor the opportunity to inspect the extent of the damage to your home.

4. Leaks

Water leaking from your ceiling could be a result of roof damage especially if the leak is in the ceiling of your attic. If the leak gets worse when it rains, that’s definitely a sign that the roof needs to be replaced. A leaking roof creates a lot of problems including mildew, mold and, of course, damage to whatever is sitting beneath the leak. Keep in mind that water damage can spread so it’s best to address the issue right away.

5. Uneven or Buckling Shingles

A changing shape indicates that a shingle is wearing out. Worn out shingles sometimes curl up at the ends or drop away from their straight row. When you have a lot of shingles that are curling up or slipping out of place these are indicators you need a new roof.

6. Granule Loss from Shingles

Have you ever noticed the layer of material on the surface of a roof shingle? This is a layer of granules. Next time you clean the gutters, check to see if loose granules are collecting there. Also, check around the edges of your home for piles of these granules. They may even be at the bottom of your downspout. If your roof shingles are shedding granules, then it means they are wearing out. A lack of granules on your shingles leaves them vulnerable to damage from rainy or other inclement weather. A roof replacement is needed soon.

7. Blistering Damage

Have you noticed the presence of blistering on your roof’s shingles? These small blisters can be caused when moisture or gas builds up beneath the shingle. When the blister breaks it leaves a space that allows water access to your roof’s flashing. Over time this seeping water can cause a lot of damage. These blisters are common on aging shingles and are a sign that a new roof is in order.

8. The Presence of Rust

If you have a metal roof, you should know that rust is a sign of aging on this type of material. The moist climate of Florida can definitely contribute to the presence of rust on a metal roof. Though metal is a durable material for a roof, rusting can lead to a weakened roof and is a sign replacement is necessary.

Finally, these are just a sampling of the telltale signs your roof needs to be replaced. A professional, experienced E-Z Roofing Contractor can inspect your roof and let you know if the signs you’re seeing indicate the need for a roof replacement.