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Why You Should Only Use Quality Roofing Materials

The quality of your roofing and its installation is critical for safety and energy efficiency. Using substandard materials can be costly and unsafe for your home. Read on to discover the importance of quality roofing materials.

Energy Efficiency with Quality Roofing

The construction and quality materials are essential for the energy efficiency of your roofing. A well-insulated roof can save your home energy losses.

A metal roof can reflect the sun rays in the hot season to reduce your home’s cooling load. Emissivity refers to the roofing material’s capacity to reflect heat radiation.

A metal roof can save up to 40% of your household’s utility bills. The quality of the coating will determine how much energy you can save and the durability of the roof.

Enhance Your Home’s Safety

Another reason you should choose quality materials is to uphold the safety of your home. The design of the roof protects your home from wind, heat, and water damage. The condition of the roofing materials determines the level of protection.

For example, your roof protects your home’s interior from storms and fast winds. Weak shingles could fly off the structure in the event of high winds. Better roofing materials can prevent debris, accidents, and water damage during a storm.

For Aesthetics and Curb Appeal

You can choose from a wide range of textures, colors, and tiles when installing a new roof. The materials you use can impact your home’s curb appeal significantly.

While many roofing materials are eye-catching, the quality of asphalt shingles can vary considerably. For example, tests show that the mechanical characteristics of laminated shingles may differ by up to 80%.

The difference in quality will determine how long the roof maintains its aesthetic appeal. The varying tensile strength of shingles implies that some tiles will lose their luster under the same climatic conditions.

Waterproofing Your Home

Another critical function of roofing materials is to protect your home from ice, snow, and water damage. The quality of the installation and the materials will determine how much your home can withstand water damage.

Asphalt composite shingles and metal roofs are amongst the most popular choices for areas with moisture problems. Despite their proven performance, you will also need quality materials for waterproofing.

UV radiation can damage the tiles and the flashing. If you have a flat deck, consider waterproof coatings to minimize deterioration. A waterproof coating solution can prevent water damage and guard against UV light.

Extend Your Roof’s Durability

It is always advisable to use quality roofing during installations and repairs. At installation, the expense of substandard asphalt shingles may not be apparent. But with time, the tiles start to break down and may allow water to get under the roof’s structure.

Even though substandard materials are cheaper, it will be expensive to fix the damage will be high. Moisture problems could force you to tear down your roof.

On the other hand, quality roofing adheres to industry standards. By observing routine maintenance, you can ensure that the roof is effective for the rest of its lifetime.

Protect Your Long-Term Investments

Poor quality roofing has implications beyond the roof structure. Substandard installations can influence your home insurance rates. Your insurance company will consider aspects such as waterproofing when setting the rates for your policy.

The provider will inspect your roof to determine its condition, age, and materials. Durable materials such as slate last longer and have lower insurance rates. Some providers may not cover your home if the roof is aging or built with substandard materials.

The Value of Professional Maintenance and installations

Besides using quality materials, professional installation and maintenance are critical for the roof’s longevity. Licensed roofers have the expertise and experience to restore your home’s safety and comfort.