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Sustainable Qualities of Metal Roofing

Many home and business owners choose metal roof systems because of their durability. Besides this metal roofing quality, others praise the sustainability of the materials and how they positively affect the environment.

Learn how metal roofing benefits your structure and lives on long after protecting your building.

Advantages of Commercial and Residential Metal Roofs

While a metal roof costs more for its initial installation, you’ll enjoy its many benefits over shake or shingle roofing.

1. Different Types of Metal Roofing

The various types of metal roofing provide numerous options for the look and color of your roof. Metal roofing materials include copper, tin, galvanized steel, and aluminum, allowing you to match your roof to your siding or home accent colors.

2. Ultimate Roof Protection

Regardless of your type of metal roof, you’ll enjoy protection from extreme weather damage and insect infestations. Metal roofing resists fire better than asphalt shingles, providing an extra shield against the elements.

3. Long-Lasting Durability

Metal roofing lifespans extend beyond 25 years, sometimes well into their sixth decade. Asphalt roof shingles expand and contract with changing temperatures, weakening as they age and requiring replacement. Metal commercial and residential roofing don’t undergo this degradation.

4. Easily Adaptable

While you can keep your roof the same color as its original metal, many building owners choose a painted finish to reflect their home’s style. You can use any color you like on your metal roof and change it as needed over the years.

5. Lighter Than Asphalt Shingles

One metal roofing quality often overlooked is its lighter weight. Asphalt shingles put a lot of pressure on your building’s structure, necessitating more materials to build out your roof.

6. The Longer Metal Roofing Lifespan Means Less Landfill Space

Discarded asphalt shingles end up in landfills, contributing to the global trash problem. Since they require more frequent replacement, a single shingle roof will produce twice or even three times as much waste as a metal roof. As you’re about to learn, metal roofs don’t leave much waste behind.

7. Metal Roofs Are Recyclable

Regardless of how old or damaged a metal roof becomes, replaced pieces go to a recycling plant instead of a landfill. Most metal roofs come from recycled materials in the first place. This roof type provides a clear answer for sustainable roofing.

8. Coatings Can Cool Your Roof

Your roof should reflect the sun, not soak it up and distribute the heat into your home. Metal roofing reflects a lot of sunlight, but you can increase that ability with special coatings to keep your roof cool. Cooler roofs mean a more comfortable home, helping the environment and your utility bill by using less energy during summer.

Outfit Your Florida Home or Business with a Metal Roof

If you like the idea of each metal roofing quality mentioned, reap the benefits of installing your own. Call E-Z Roofing Contractor at (888) 917-6637 to learn more about adding a metal roof to your commercial or residential structure.