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Why You Should Leave Roof Repair to Professionals

The high cost of roof repairs is why many homeowners opt for DIY roof repairs. Despite the many video tutorials and advice columns roaming on the internet, it is still not advisable for homeowners to do their roof repairs. The whole exercise might look like a simple job, but it requires professional experience. The following are some reasons why homeowners shouldn’t DIY roof repairs or replacements.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Roof Repairs

Risk of Causing More Damage

Roofing contractors have vast experience in roof repairs, which might be lacking with homeowners. When professionals spot a weakness in the roof, they know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it. Conversely, homeowners without experience may cause more significant problems trying to fix minor ones. For instance, when inexperienced individuals try to nail down shingles, they often create tiny holes in the roof that may lead to water damages. Additionally, if they don’t know how to walk and balance their weight on the roof, they might end up damaging other shingles, leading to expensive repairs.

It’s Dangerous

Statistics indicate that over 2,000 individuals die annually from roof falls. This number includes both DIY and well-trained professionals. Roof repairs require professional handling with the best safety equipment and gear. Many homeowners tend to handle roof repairs without safety requirements, increasing the risk of injuries. For instance, they may not spot soft surfaces, which could increase their chances of falling.

Apart from falls, there might be harmful or stinging insects like wasps and bees, which can be dangerous, especially when you are allergic. Moreover, specific climatic conditions may pose a danger when doing roof repairs. For instance, gusty winds may cause a person to lose balance. The extreme heat in places such as Florida can catch those unprepared off guard and quickly result in overheating, even heat stroke.

Risk of Missing Out Bigger Problems

Inexperienced individuals may spot minor problems such as missing shingles but may fail to locate advanced problems that are dangerous and expensive. Some problems may lead to thorough damage to the house if they are not correctly repaired in time. Such damages can significantly affect the value of the home.

Some roof problems like sodden shingles and rotten beams aren’t as visible as leaks and may continue to erode the roof and the house. For instance, mold holes destroy beams, posing a risk to the occupants. Also, they are costly, especially when severe damage has been done.


Once homeowners decide to do their repairs, they have to buy all the materials needed. Sometimes, they may forget to purchase the required materials or do the repairs incorrectly. In the end, they might have to make multiple runs between the store and home, waste time re-watching videos numerous times, or will have to contact professionals anyway, hence incurring double charges.

Risk of Voiding Your Warranty

Many roof manufacturing companies offer warranties to their product if handled by certified repair companies. Regardless of the nature of repairs, individuals automatically void their warranties once they decide to conduct repairs independently.

Discouraging Results

Apart from their protective functions, roofs should look good. Shingles are designed to align in a particular way. DIY repairs do not always resemble the work of professionals. DIY may save some repair costs, but homeowners may not like the outcome.

It’s not Cost-Effective

By hiring professional roof repairing companies, individuals are not just paying for materials but also the experience. When handling repairs, professionals can spot potential damage that would be expensive if noticed later. Moreover, inexperienced individuals spend a lot of time on a simple repair.

Insurance Trouble

Many Homeowners’ insurance policies cover nature-caused damages. Thus, causing more damages during independent repairs may disqualify homeowners from an insurance cover.