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How to Stay Safe and Keep Your Roof Intact While Hanging Holiday Decorations

It is the holiday season which means it is time to light up your entire home. Put up those beautiful lights you have and share in the merry. What a wonderful tradition this is! However, without proper precautions, you could end up badly injured. In the worst case, you may be injured and damage your expensive roof.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 15,000 injuries are related to holiday decorations every year. Do not become part of that statistic; stay safe with the following tips to keep you and your roof safe.

How to Put Up Holiday Lights While Protecting Your Roof

Before Installation

Keep Your Roof in Top Condition

A structurally sound roof is what every home needs. Every roof needs to be inspected once a year, and the time just before the holidays is perfect. Call a professional roofing company and have them look at your roof. They will check for and repair any damage, advise on recommended actions, and so on.

By working with a good roof when setting up the lights, you can be confident that your lights will only add aesthetic appeal to your home without causing any harm.

Clean Gutters and Roof

Installing lights on a dirty roof or along dirty gutters is both unsafe and uncouth. Use a rake to remove any fallen leaves from the roof and clean gutters properly.

Why is this important? The dry leaves in the gutter can easily catch fire when they come into contact with faulty lights. You do not want to burn your entire roof and house down, do you?

During Installation

Prepare the Lights before Going Up There

DIY holiday lights decoration needs ample planning. Start by measuring the areas you would like to decorate. Have a good décor plan to follow and then measure the areas on the roof, doors, windows, and even trees that you would like to light up. Only by doing this can you purchase enough lights.

Remember to buy extensions, cables, and lights intended for outdoor use.

Before you climb up the ladder, detangle all the light strings. Check the lights for any bad lights or frayed wires. These could be a potential fire hazard, so it is best to rule out any issues early.

Use Plastic Light Clips to Secure the Lights in Place

Never use nails or staples to secure lights in place. Instead, use plastic clips that are intended for this purpose. Staples and nails cause structural damage that can lead to serious consequences in the future. For instance, the hole left behind by a nail on shingles can allow water to seep and damage the roof in the future.

There are various types of plastic clips. The all-in-ones can be used to hang lights on gutters and shingles. To hang lights on eaves, use eave clips. It is better to hang lights on eaves than directly on lightweight and delicate shingles. There are plastic clips designed specifically for the ridges and different roof types, such as clay tiles. Just walk into a home improvement store near you and buy the right clips.

Avoid Stepping on the Roof

Your roof may be sturdy, but stepping on it should be avoided. A lot of things could go wrong with you on the roof. From slips and falls to shingles breaking, the disadvantages of stepping on the roof outweigh the advantages.

Use a ladder to go up and set up the lights without setting foot on the roof. You could also use a long light hanging pole. If getting on the roof cannot be avoided, be extra careful when you do. Wear soft shoes with a good grip and walk slowly.

Taking the Lights Down

After the holidays the lights need to go. It would be best if you were careful not to damage the roof. Remove plastic clips one at a time. Do not pull on the lights to force the clips open, damaging the delicate roofing material. Take your time to remove all the lighting slowly until you are done.

If you have any accidents that result in roof damage, use the services offered by E-Z Roofing, a roofing expert in Florida. Whether your house is roofed using shingles, metal, clay tiles, or other roofing material, their professional roofers will make it as good as new.